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Great ideas for old photographs

Great ideas for old photographs For many people, the hardest part of decluttering, or clearing out a house is what to do with the sentimental things: letters, tickets, photographs etc. It can seem impossible to throw away such precious souvenirs, yet they can take up a lot of room being stored. Here, we look at ways to use, display or transfer old photographs so that the memories can be retained without the need to keep dozens of boxes gathering cobwebs. In the frame Obviously, ... Read more

Managing the wardrobe switch from winter to summer

Managing the wardrobe switch from winter to summer Posted Thursday, 18 June 2015 The start of summer is a popular time for many to sort out their wardrobe, moving heavier winter and early spring clothes into temporary storage and bringing out the lighter, cooler outfits instead, in time for summer. However, this process can prove even more useful than a simple switch-round of garments. It can offer the perfect impetus to have a proper overhaul of everything, both winter and summer wear. Winter wardrobe ... Read more

Declutter your way to a clearer home

Declutter your way to a clearer home Posted Tuesday, 26 May 2015 Tackling a house full of clutter can feel like an impossible task, both practically and emotionally. Where to start? What to keep and what to throw away? What to do with the things you no longer need? This is why so many people call for help when they feel it is too large a job to tackle alone. Taken to the extreme, hoarding is a recognised psychological illness that must be ... Read more