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Why it pays to recycle

Washing and sorting out all those old plastic bottles and metal trays to put in the recycling bin can be time consuming and unpleasant. Yet it helps prevent endless tonnes of waste pouring into landfill and plays its part in reducing the staggering thirty million tonnes of rubbish produced by UK households every year. Most of this waste comes from packaging. Under European law, the UK is required to meet exacting recycling standards to help reduce the country’s carbon footprint and safeguard ... Read more

Declutter your way to a clearer home

Declutter your way to a clearer home Posted Tuesday, 26 May 2015 Tackling a house full of clutter can feel like an impossible task, both practically and emotionally. Where to start? What to keep and what to throw away? What to do with the things you no longer need? This is why so many people call for help when they feel it is too large a job to tackle alone. Taken to the extreme, hoarding is a recognised psychological illness that must be ... Read more