Why you should leave your garden clearance to the professionals

Clearing out the garden may seem, on the face of it, a fairly straightforward job to do. Doing it yourself might seem an attractive option to save money when moving out or sorting out a house. Yet there are many advantages to hiring a professional company. For one thing, they have seen it all before and know exactly what they are doing. Then, of course, there is all that heavy lifting. Here’s why bringing in some expert help is a very good idea..


First impressions

A tidy garden gives off a very strong message that a property is cared for and well looked after. Neatly trimmed lawns and clutter-free gardens deter burglars looking for empty houses to target. It makes the whole place look nicer and can significantly increase a property’s value. It could even reignite a love for plants and their care or lead to a brand new hobby. Getting off to a great start by having a professional garden clearance team come and sort out a beautiful garden will keep you motivated and make the maintenance work much easier.

Choosing the right company

Once you have decided to let the experts in, the priority is choosing which ones. A badly executed job will double the effort you need to put into rectifying their mistakes. Ask around friends and family for recommendation, or post a query on a trusted social media site. Failing that, a reputable company will be happy to share references from satisfied clients and to pay you a visit to inspect the garden and quote for the work in advance.

The benefits of outsourcing

Engaging a reputable garden clearance company to do the work for  you allows you to let go of much of the strain of the job. You can tell the team what you want them to do and what they should keep, cut back or dispose of  They will get rid of the rubbish, leaving your garden neat and tidy. they will do the heavy lifting and tough cutting and chopping. Leaving you to turn your attention to sorting out the house, doing other jobs or simply relaxing.

Trees, shrubs and hedges

A garden clearance company will trim trees and hedges and cut back unruly shrubs. Make sure your trees are not subject to any Tree Preservation Orders first. They will clear away the branches, or chop them up for firewood. They will work hard to restore the garden to its former glory, ready for selling, renting or your own personal enjoyment.

Rubble, junk and spare parts

Gardens can often become dumping grounds of unwanted furniture, fittings and spare car parts that are destined for the tip. An expert company can move these eyesores out and get rid of them for you, much to the relief of both you and your neighbours. they will know how to dispose of problematic items safely and legally, such as oil drums, fridges and engine parts. What was once a massive garden problem can be easily sorted.