Don’t struggle with the old fence

Posted Tuesday, 05 August 2014

So, the fence people have been. They took the old fence down and dug up all the concrete bits and left it all in a big pile at the end of the garden.

Don’t even try and get it into your car and take it too the dump. Even if you have a big car I wouldn’t.

What you will quickly discover is that it is impressively difficult to handle. You’ll also find the nails that are sticking out of it. Probably has a fair bit of vegetation still attached to.

Well maybe you should have got the fencing people to take it. But you didn’t because you saved money. Putting this stuff in the back of your car will cost you in a damaged interior and your frustration.

Please call us on 0800 58 78 783 and we’ll give you an instant quote and just take it away, all of it nails and all.

It’s worth the call I promise