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House Clearance in Kingston Upon Thames

House Clearance in Kingston upon Thames


Kingston Upon Thames was once the king’s tun or estate. In Saxon times it had royal connections. In 838 King Egbert of Wessex called a church council there. Furthermore several Saxon kings were crowned in Kingston, including Edward the Elder (900), Athelstan (925), Edmund (940), Edred (946), Edwy (955) and Edward the Martyr (971). However after the Norman conquest in 1066 Kingston Upon Thames lost some of its former importance. Kings were no longer crowned there.

However during the 12th century Kingston Upon Thames grew into a town. At some point in the century (the exact date is not known) the king gave Kingston a charter (a document granting the townspeople certain rights). It was the first of many charters. King John gave charters to Kingston Upon Thames in 1200 and 1208.

At the time of the Domesday Book (1086) Kingston Upon Thames had 5 watermills, which ground grain to flour. By the standards of the time Kingston was probably quite a large village although it would seem tiny to us. It is not known how large Kingston was in the Middle Ages but it probably had not more than 1,500 inhabitants. As well as raising crops the people of Kingston kept sheep for wool and fished for salmon in the Thames.

Medieval Kingston Upon Thames was also an inland port.

In those days it was easier and cheaper to transport goods by water than by land. The Thames served as an ‘artery’, rather like a motorway to and from London.

Kingston Upon Thames had a weekly market. From the 13th century it also had a fair. In the Middle Ages fairs were like markets but they were held only once a year and they attracted buyers and sellers from a wide area. In 1351 the king granted Kingston two annual fairs.

Kingston Upon Thames was strategically important because it was the last place where the Thames could with a bridge before London. During a civil war in 1263-1265 Kingston was ‘burned and robbed’ several times. Kingston also suffered from floods. However despite these setbacks the little town flourished.

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