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House Clearance in Knightsbridge

House Clearance in Knightsbridge

A brief history of Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge emerged from a rag-tag patch of land between the villages of Charing, Chelsey and Kensing Town. It first appeared in the written record as Kyngesbrigg in a charter of Edward the Confessor; the name had morphed by 1361 to Knightsbridge. An important development in Knightsbridge was the building of a hospital, so located to ‘give the patients the benefit of country air’. The hospital existed for more than three hundred years until it eventually changed hands away from medical practitioners. One resident in 1857 called Knightsbridge a ‘name without a town’ to point out the lack of defined urban centre. Knightsbridge’s empty appearance was partly due to the area falling unequally between four separate parishes. The area gained an unsavoury reputation as place where footpads and villains lay in wait for hapless travellers and where runaways went to wed in salacious ceremonies. In 1790 or so, Henry Holland the architect requested a ‘Knightsbridge paving act’ to prevent ladies ‘from being lamed and crippled by the excessive pickedness and asperity of the stones and pebbles between Hyde Park Corner and Sloane Street’.

The land available for building development was scarce and from the early 19th century the area was redeveloped extensively. It was in the late 1800’s that Knightsbridge’s habit of renewal began to take on more elegant and stately designs. The wonderful block ‘Parkside’ was said, by its designer Sir Thomas Brooke-Hitching, to be ‘expensive and dignified’. Westminster Abbey Estate was revamped in 1902 – 3, with the emergence of the elegant lines of architecture appearing for the first time. From 1885 – 1887 Humphrey’s Hall in Knightsbridge was home to an exhibition of Japanese culture, complete with traditional Japanese village, an attraction which is said to have inspired WS Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame to pen the fabled ‘Mikado’.

What can EasyClear House Clearance do for you?

EasyClear are a fully insured, licensed and a highly experienced house clearance company. We provide an environmentally sensitive service where we recycle and re-use where ever possible. Where that isn’t possible we ensure that we dispose of your rubbish legitamately and carefully.

We operate locally in Knightsbridge providing house clearance, garden clearance and a full range of contract service for offices and businesses. We offer a worry free contents appraisel which includes professional valuation of antiques, quality collectables and second hand furniture.

Understanding our customer needs and what the customer expects in order to provide the very best bespoke service, has made EasyClear the outstanding clearance provider. With our Knightsbridge house clearance and rubbish removal, EasyClear has a reputation for strong business ethics, combined with an awareness of today’s customers needs.

Call us anytime of the day or night 0800 58 78 783 (mobiles call 0208 773 2000)