Calling all landlords – getting your property ready for a new tenant

Clearing out a house or flat at the end of a tenancy can be easy or hard, depending entirely on how the previous tenant left the premises on moving out. Most tenants are diligent and respectful, cleaning and clearing everything as they go. However, others are not so thoughtful and some landlords can be faced with extremely dirty, messy and cluttered properties that they need to restore to a rentable condition.

Here’s how to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Turning up with some bin bags, expecting to wing it, will lead to disaster. Instead, plan exactly what, when and how you will proceed before you step foot inside the property. You will need more time than you think; plan for at least half a day per room for two people to clear if it is really messy. If you know that you will be throwing a lot of things away, book your skip or clearance company well in advance for easy disposal and optimum convenience. Don’t forget to arrange all necessary licences and permits.

Deal with delicate objects first

If you want to keep, donate or sell things on that were left behind in the property, first find and remove them to another location. Wash items if appropriate and pack them up to be safely transported elsewhere. Delicate objects, such as ornaments, paintings, glasses and crockery must be wrapped in protective layers like bubble wrap or tissue paper to prevent breakages. Next, remove precious books and papers and then move on to the larger artefacts and pieces of furniture.

Dispose of dangerous items correctly

Once you are just left with the broken things, items you no longer need and objects you are unable to sell or donate, work out how to dispose of them safely. Refrigerators and freezers, for example, must be handled by clearance experts, due to the dangerous gases contained inside them. Gas appliances must be disconnected properly at the mains to prevent potentially fatal gas leaks.

Chemical control

Chemical and hazardous waste is subject to stringent disposal regulations. Cleaning agents, paints etc. must not just be slung in the general domestic dustbin, but disposed of correctly. Similarly, old medicines must be returned to a pharmacy, hospital or doctor’s surgery for safe disposal. Asbestos must be removed by a professional company and the premises officially cleaned and inspected before it can be let to new tenants.

A clean sweep

Finally, cleaning the property may involve processes from a simple wet dust to a professional deep clean using personal protection equipment. Excess dust, mould and faecal matter should always be dealt with by a professional cleaning company.

If you feel unable or unwilling to tackle the clearance yourself, the entire process can be undertaken by a specialist clearance company, who will handle everything for you, leaving you free to search for your next tenant.