Shedding the outhouse clutter

Posted Saturday, 19 September 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most properties in possession of sheds, barns, garages etc. will be using these handy outhouses to store large amounts of clutter. It is all too easy to sling stuff into the shed with the intention of sorting out later, but never quite managing to do so. Out of sight, out of mind.

Calling all landlords – getting your property ready for a new tenant

Posted Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Clearing out a house or flat at the end of a tenancy can be easy or hard, depending entirely on how the previous tenant left the premises on moving out. Most tenants are diligent and respectful, cleaning and clearing everything as they go. However, others are not so thoughtful and some landlords can be faced with extremely dirty, messy and cluttered properties that they need to restore to a rentable condition.

Why you should leave your garden clearance to the professionals

Posted Monday, 27 July 2015

Clearing out the garden may seem, on the face of it, a fairly straightforward job to do. Doing it yourself might seem an attractive option to save money when moving out or sorting out a house. Yet there are many advantages to hiring a professional company. For one thing, they have seen it all before and know exactly what they are doing. Then, of course, there is all that heavy lifting. Here’s why bringing in some expert help is a very good idea..

The lowdown on hoarding

Posted Friday, 17 July 2015

Compulsive hoarding is a medically recognised condition. People affected by it excessively acquire possessions or items that may be of little or no monetary value. They are then unable able to throw anything away. This results in unmanageable amounts of clutter and often a highly dangerous living environment.

Valuing a property for probate

Posted Wednesday, 8 July 2015

When someone dies leaving a property, such as a house or flat, their executor must get the property formally valued before they can get a grant of representation, or the legal right to deal with the estate. The valuation also helps work out how much inheritance tax is due, if any.

Great ideas for old photographs

Posted Thursday, 18 June 2015

For many people, the hardest part of decluttering, or clearing out a house is what to do with the sentimental things: letters, tickets, photographs etc. It can seem impossible to throw away such precious souvenirs, yet they can take up a lot of room being stored. Here, we look at ways to use, display or transfer old photographs so that the memories can be retained without the need to keep dozens of boxes gathering cobwebs.

Managing the wardrobe switch from winter to summer

Posted Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The start of summer is a popular time for many to sort out their wardrobe, moving heavier winter and early spring clothes into temporary storage and bringing out the lighter, cooler outfits instead, in time for summer. However, this process can prove even more useful than a simple switch-round of garments. It can offer the perfect impetus to have a proper overhaul of everything, both winter and summer wear.

Declutter your way to a clearer home

Posted Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tackling a house full of clutter can feel like an impossible task, both practically and emotionally.
Where to start? What to keep and what to throw away? What to do with the things you no longer need?
This is why so many people call for help when they feel it is too large a job to tackle alone.

Taken to the extreme, hoarding is a recognised psychological illness that must be treated with the utmost care and compassion.

Don’t struggle with the old fence

Posted Tuesday, 05 August 2014

So, the fence people have been. They took the old fence down and dug up all the concrete bits and left it all in a big pile at the end of the garden.

Don’t even try and get it into your car and take it too the dump. Even if you have a big car I wouldn’t.

What you will quickly discover is that it is impressively difficult to handle. You’ll also find the nails that are sticking out of it. Probably has a fair bit of vegetation still attached to.

Well maybe you should have got

Stuff gone wrong

Posted Tuesday, 15 April 2014

We all need ‘stuff’ – but for some, the instinct for ownership goes badly wrong – so says an interesting piece in the weekly magazine New Scientist. In a 10 page special report on ‘humans’ ambivalent relationship with material goods’ they have highlighted hoarding for special mention.

With up to 1 in 20 people struggling with not being able to throw things away, to the point that their home is unusable, psychiatrist David Tolin from Yale University calls it

Dunstable warehouse filled with fly-tipped waste

Posted Friday, 28 March 2014

Fly-tippers filled an empty warehouse with rubbish after cutting a lorry-sized hole in the wall.

The Environment Agency found the household and commercial waste illegally dumped inside the warehouse in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Tracy Nash, of the Environment Agency, said: “This callous act has endangered the environment and had a costly impact for the land owner.”

The agency is appealing for information about the dumping of the waste.

About 3,000 cubic metres (106,000 cubic

Courts to impose bigger fines for fly-tipping

Posted Friday, 28 March 2014

People caught fly-tipping in England and Wales are to face the prospect of heavier fines, under new court sentencing guidelines.

As well as fly-tipping, nuisance offenders whose crimes involve noise, smoke or carry a health risk will also be hit by the harsher fines.

The new guidelines have been set out by the Sentencing Council.

It said it wanted magistrates to make more use of the “highest levels of fines”.

Sentencing Council member and magistrate Katharine Rainsford

40 years a hoarder

Posted Friday, 28 March 2014

Over 40 years of overwhelming hoarding at a property in Fulham SW6 7DW london today 5 cars and  3 tons of house clearance waste Mr Jones finally got the help he needed from his Easyclear team, the gentlemen was so happy and said in he’s own words I just couldn’t believe that there were company’s like Easyclear that work so hard and care so much it was making my life a misery. We are back next week to undertake the garden and loft clearance.

Are we all potential Hoarders?

Posted Monday, 10 March 2014

What happens at Christmas at your house? You receive a pile of presents, mostly ornaments and things that you didn’t really want. Do you keep them? Do you keep the packaging just in case? What about the Christmas cards, do you hang onto those in case you need to update your Chrsitmas card list for next year. Did you update it from last year, you probably still have those cards too. What about that newspaper item that you didn’t get a chance to sit down and read properly.

It is so