Getting rid of the clutter in your house or business premises can be tedious and time consuming. EasyClear’s fast, reliable and trustworthy decluttering service will solve the problem for you.

Decluttering is one of many EasyClear services – on its own or as part of our complete house or office clearance and rubbish removals services.

With EasyClear it couldn’t be simpler. Our experienced team will follow your brief and sort the clutter that you specify. It’s what we’ve been doing for 35 years so we rightfully consider ourselves to be experts.

Decluttering service

For some clients decluttering can be a stressful process as it may involve clearing out a family member’s belongings, or just making difficult decisions about what is rubbish, what is important and what is of value.
Due to our many years of experience and our sensitive approach to a client’s needs, EasyClear is able to separate the valuable or meaningful items from the rubbish to be disposed of. Our clearance specialists work quickly, efficiently and accurately, providing you with the best service at the best price.

Rubbish disposal

Once everything has been sorted we will take the items away for re-use, recylcling or charity donation. Whatever rubbish remains will go to safe and environmentally friendly disposal.
Items of value are offset against costs or can be purchased or auctioned. See our antiques valuation pages for more details about clearing your antiques and collectibles.


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