Frequently asked questions

We are always happy to answer any questions our clients have about EasyClear and our services. Here are some questions that clients ask:

  • I have some furniture to sell, can you help me?

    YES we can help you. We will come and see you to ascertain the value and discuss the options. Be prepared however that there is often little value in second-hand furniture, but we will offer you a realistic price or organise for it to be sold on your behalf.

  • Can you get rid of … ?

    Of course we can. We charge by the van load, we are often cheaper than our competitors, our customers come first and we are prompt. Need you look any further?

  • Does your company recycle?

    EasyClear has a strict green policy. We always recycle where possible all rubbish and goods. If you would like advice on recycling or would like to read more about our activities visit our recycle section.

  • Do you have branch offices if we want to approach you in cities other than London?

    We have offices in London and Surrey, but we will happily provide our services outside these areas.

  • Can you offer a credit agreement?

    Depending on the nature and volume of the work, we may be able to offer a credit agreement to our clients. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Are prices negotiable?

    We offer all of our services at very reasonable and competitive prices already. However we may be able to offer discounts under certain circumstances or we may be running a special offer that would be relevant to your requirements.

  • Do you take away the garbage or give us the resale value?

    It depends on the nature and resale value of the items. We may offer you a resale value once we have looked at the items in question.