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September 2014

It’s been a very busy year. We have signed up with local councils and housing trusts to provide them with our services clearing empty properties and gardens ready for new tenants.
With our crews we are also getting around doing clearances in the Isle of Wight to Edinburgh.”>

Office Relocation Checklist

  • Send to archive items not needed for six months
  • Send to storage items not needed for three months
  • Pre-pack items not needed for one month
  • Daily used items pack the day before
  • Sort out items for recycling
  • Throw away any unwanted items
  • Back up all your computers
  • Prepare a labelling system for the above and advise appropriate staff
  • Arrange a bagging or boxing system for the above and notify appropriate staff
  • Contact Easyclear your recycling firm
  • Identify everything that has address on to be changed
  • Send out change of address notices to customers and suppliers
  • Inform office suppliers of your change of address e.g. photocopier rental companies
  • Arrange mail redirection with post office
  • Amend all telephone directories
  • Arrange to collect keys from key holders for old offices
  • Make sure key holders all have new keys
  • Arrange new cleaning contracts for new location (See www.easyclear.co.uk)
  • Tea and biscuits for packers and movers (please!)
  • Cash for tip and any last minute necessities
  • Moving celebration for staff
  • Extra computer cable

Furniture Removals Checklist

Here is a quick checklist you may want to print off to help your removal go as smoothly as possible.

  • Make sure your boxes are packed tightly and securely sealed with tape
  • Write your surname on all boxes and number them from 1 – 10 etc.
  • Ensure all items to be dismantled are ready prior to the arrival of the removal team.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your white goods i.e., fridge, washing machine, dryer etc, and be guided by their advice regarding securing bowls/motors etc
  • Drain fuel and oil from lawn mowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers etc
  • Thoroughly clean and dry inside of fridges, freezers and dishwashers
  • Seek manufacturers advice regarding computer drive, video drive etc.
  • Dispose of all un-sealed liquids.
  • Dispose of all aerosol cans, flammable fluids, matches etc.
  • Dismantle swing-sets, play-gyms, trampolines etc,(put nuts and bolts in a safe place).
  • Wash out rubbish bins and wheel barrows.
  • Drain garden hoses.
  • Remove pumps, water bottles, batteries etc from bicycles.
  • Clean and spray dog kennels, empty and clean fish tanks, bird cages etc.
  • Ensure all loose items are placed in bags or boxes
  • Empty and defrost fridge/freezer. It is advisable to do this 24 hours prior to the day of your removal
  • Be on hand the day of removal or authorise someone to act on your behalf to answer any queries from the removal team
  • Have an advance plan for the placement of your furniture
  • Be on hand or have someone authorised for un-loading at your residence, directing the placement of furniture.

1 February 2007

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to clear your house some sad and others … https://house.funnypart.com/

29th January 2007

Want to see what is involved in valuing someone’s estate for probate? The informative Direct.gov site has the following information https://www.direct.gov.uk/



26th January 2007 

If you want to understand more about probate and the issues surrounding probate the Law Society provides a wealth of information. Check out the following guide on their website https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/




12th January 2007

Easyclear updates the website.

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