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House Clearance in Deptford

House Clearance in Deptford

“Such a place hath Deptford…” Pope

The town of Deptford—anciently written Depeord—which lies on the east side of Rotherhithe, and stretches away to Lewisham on the south, and to Greenwich on the east, was, at a very remote period, known as West Greenwich. It derived its present name from being the place of a “deep- ford” over the little river, the Ravensbourne, near its influx into the Thames, where a bridge was many years ago built over it, just before it widens into Deptford Creek.

It is described in the “Ambulator,” in 1774, as ‘a large and populous town, divided into Upper and Lower Deptford, and containing two churches.” The place was of old famous for its naval shipbuilding yard, a fact which is thus noticed in the work above quoted: “Deptford is most remarkable for its noble dock, where the royal navy was formerly built and repaired, till it was found more convenient to build the larger ships at Woolwich, and at other places, where there is a greater depth of water.”Notwithstanding this, the yard is enlarged to more than double its former dimensions, and a vast number of hands are constantly employed. It has a wet dock of two acres for hips, and another with an acre and a half, with last quantities of timber and other stores, and extensive buildings as storehouses and offices for he use of the place, besides dwelling-houses for he use of those officers who are obliged to live upon the spot in order to superintend the works. Here the royal yachts of our Tudor and Stuart overeigns were generally kept.

What can EasyClear House Clearance do for you?

EasyClear are a fully insured, licensed and a highly experienced house clearance company. We provide an environmentally sensitive service where we recycle and re-use where ever possible. Where that isn’t possible we ensure that we dispose of your rubbish legitamately and carefully.

We operate locally in Deptford providing house clearance, garden clearance and a full range of contract service for offices and businesses. We offer a worry free contents appraisel which includes professional valuation of antiques, quality collectables and second hand furniture.

Understanding our customer needs and what the customer expects in order to provide the very best bespoke service, has made EasyClear the outstanding clearance provider. With our Deptford house clearance and rubbish removal, EasyClear has a reputation for strong business ethics, combined with an awareness of today’s customers needs.

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